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Kwangho Lee

Kwangho Lee lives and works in Seoul, South Korea, having received his Bachelor of Arts in 2007 from Hongik University, majoring in Metal Art & Design.

Making things by hand was a great joy as a child, reminding him of his grandfather who, a farmer himself, constantly made daily household goods from natural materials found nearby. Lee appreciated the way he looked at everyday objects and thus began to approach things in similar ways; to give new meaning and function to the most ordinary. Today, as Lee continuously presents new series of works, he develops his practice by discovering moments of materials joining another.

Kwangho Lee

Designs by Kwangho Lee

Glyph Side Table Alpha, Chocolate Brown
GlyphSide Table Alpha, Chocolate Brown
528 €
Glyph Side Table Alpha, Grey White
GlyphSide Table Alpha, Grey White
528 €
Glyph Side Table Beta, Chocolate Brown
GlyphSide Table Beta, Chocolate Brown
487 €
Glyph Side Table Beta, Pure Green
GlyphSide Table Beta, Pure Green
487 €
Glyph Side Table Beta, Wax Yellow
GlyphSide Table Beta, Wax Yellow
487 €
Glyph Side Table Gamma, Chocolate Brown
GlyphSide Table Gamma, Chocolate Brown
447 €
Glyph Side Table Gamma, Pure Green
GlyphSide Table Gamma, Pure Green
447 €
Glyph Side Table Gamma, Wax Yellow
GlyphSide Table Gamma, Wax Yellow
447 €
Hunk Lounge Chair With Armrests, Beige
HunkLounge Chair With Armrests, Beige
2 114 €
Hunk Lounge Chair With Armrests, Chocolate
HunkLounge Chair With Armrests, Chocolate
2 439 €
Hunk Lounge Chair With Armrests, Icicle
HunkLounge Chair With Armrests, Icicle
2 439 €
Hunk Lounge Chair With Armrests, Swan
HunkLounge Chair With Armrests, Swan
2 439 €
Hunk Lounge Chair, Beige
HunkLounge Chair, Beige
1 626 €
Hunk Lounge Chair, Chocolate
HunkLounge Chair, Chocolate
1 870 €
Hunk Lounge Chair, Icicle
HunkLounge Chair, Icicle
1 870 €
Hunk Lounge Chair, Swan
HunkLounge Chair, Swan
1 870 €
Tig Hook Double
Tig HookDouble
122 €
Tig Hook Quintuple
Tig HookQuintuple
244 €
Tig Hook Single
Tig HookSingle
65 €