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Big Tables for Big Ideas: Get Inspired with Hem

We all have our ways of working. Some people like to develop ideas through lively discussions in a group, others feel at their best working independently from their home office or dining table. Whatever your needs, Hem’s got you covered: explore our tables and choose the best fit for yourself.

A lifestyle image of an office / dining scene featuring Bookmatch Table, Dusk Lamp, Rope Rug, Hide Side Table, and Kendo Chair.

Big enough to accommodate a group of six or eight, the Bookmatch Table is a perfect piece to host vibrant discussions and fruitful working sessions. Match it with the Kendo Chair in Porcelain, and let the subtle upholstery elevate the organic shapes of the table.

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Bookmatch Table 275 cm / 108.3 in, Oak
BookmatchTable 275 cm / 108.3 in, Oak
Kendo Chair, Porcelain
  • +8
KendoChair, Porcelain
Dusk Lamp Large (UL), Ivory
DuskLamp Large (UL), Ivory
Rope Rug Large, Seaweed
  • +2
RopeRug Large, Seaweed
Hide Side Table, Light Pink
  • +4
HideSide Table, Light Pink
Hide Pedestal, Light Ivory
  • +4
HidePedestal, Light Ivory
Stripe Throw, Pink / Green
  • +1
StripeThrow, Pink / Green
Bookmatch Bench 210 cm / 82.7 in, Oak
BookmatchBench 210 cm / 82.7 in, Oak

A lifestyle image of an office scene featuring Log Table, Udon Chairs and Alphabeta Pendant Light.

Log Table’s clean and sturdy silhouette doesn’t allow for distractions, making it a perfect fit for minimalist interiors. Pair it up with the sophisticated Udon Upholstered Chairs and add extra grace with the monochrome Alphabeta Pendant Light.

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Log Table 180 cm / 71 in, Natural
LogTable 180 cm / 71 in, Natural
Alphabeta Pendant Uno, White
  • +7
AlphabetaPendant Uno, White
Udon Chair, Black / Black Leather
  • +2
UdonChair, Black / Black Leather
Udon Chair, Natural
  • +2
UdonChair, Natural
Dusk Lamp Large (UL), Matte Grey
DuskLamp Large (UL), Matte Grey
All Wood Stool Rocket, Ash
All WoodStool Rocket, Ash
Last Stool, White
  • +14
LastStool, White
Touchwood Chair, Black / Black
  • +2
TouchwoodChair, Black / Black

A lifestyle image of an office / dining scene featuring Kendo Chair, Alphabeta Pendant Light and Alle Table.

Easy to adapt for both dining and working, Alle Table is a practical choice for any freelancer’s personal space. In this setting, it’s all about contrast: the lime yellow Tivoli Kendo Chair becomes a stylish eye-catcher when paired up with the black Alle Table, and the geometric shapes of the Alphabeta Pendant Light convey simple, everyday elegance.

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Alle Table Table 220 cm / 86.6 in, Black Oak
Alle TableTable 220 cm / 86.6 in, Black Oak
Kendo Chair, Tivoli
  • +8
KendoChair, Tivoli
Block Throw, Salt & Pepper
BlockThrow, Salt & Pepper
Alle Table Round Table 150 cm / 59 in Media, Black Oak
Alle TableRound Table 150 cm / 59 in Media, Black Oak
Kendo Counter Stool, Tivoli
  • +2
KendoCounter Stool, Tivoli
Alphabeta Pendant Uno, Black / White
  • +7
AlphabetaPendant Uno, Black / White
Vienna Throw, Mist
ViennaThrow, Mist

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