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Chair, Ultramarine Blue, Art. no. 30914

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Design by Philippe Malouin

The Chop Chair by Philippe Malouin is an evergreen design conceived for use in a range of public and private outdoor spaces. Beautifully proportioned, with subtle curvatures, it is intentionally simple, in both construction and style. Chop reimagines a classic slatted-chair archetype to create a silhouette that is immediately recognizable, yet pleasingly unknown. The idea for the design was influenced by Malouin’s work in the art world, where he often utilizes hand-led industrial techniques to develop striking forms that accentuate the object's materiality. The Chop collection is cut, bent and welded from durable stainless steel, and is available in a raw, sandblasted or powder-coated colored finish. A design for all seasons, Chop is correctly weighted to resist wind, while still being light enough to move around and stack with ease.

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A lifestyle image of an outdoor scene featuring Chop Chairs and Tables in Stainless.
A lifestyle image of a patio scene featuring Chop Table Round, Chop Table Square, and Chop Chairs.


Reviews (2)

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