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Bench 250 cm / 98.4 in, Ash, Art. no. 30608

Design by Max Lamb

Just like the Max Table, to which this seat is a partner, the Max Bench is a formidable piece of furniture: huge in scale, elementary in form, brilliant in construction, and made from solid ash. Use the bench as it was intended—alongside the Max Table for a fierce dining set—or be unconventional and use it as a monumental stand-alone piece on which to sit, store books, or display favorite possessions. The Max furniture family embodies its name in every way. Created by one of contemporary design’s finest talents, Max Lamb.

2 504 €(excl. VAT)
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Contentful, @koy_and_winkel, designed by @toi_toi_toi_studio

Contentful, @koy_and_winkel, designed by @toi_toi_toi_studio

A lifestyle image of a dining scene featuring Knuckle Linear Chandelier, Bronto Tableware, Max Table + Benches Set, Rope Rug, Brute Vase, and Globos Neon.


Max at home

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