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Zig Zag

Shelf Media, Black, Art. no. 30985

11 reviews

Design by Studio deFORM

There is a pleasing visual rhythm to the Zig Zag Shelf: its grid-like frame effortlessly creates an elegant semblance of order, making whatever you choose to place on it feel instantly arranged and considered. Designers Studio deForm invented a system of construction that enables you, the end user, to assemble the Zig Zag Shelf without tools. An innovative hidden folding hinge allows the flat-packed shelves to simply stretch into shape like an accordion—ready for use in record time.

650 €(excl. VAT)

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A lifestyle image featuring Zig Zag Media Shelf in Black.
Chloe and her [Zig Zag Low Shelf Walnut](/furniture/shelving-and-storage/zig-zag/20087)

Chloe and her Zig Zag Low Shelf Walnut


Zig Zag at home

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11 reviews

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