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Living Room

Create a cozy, relaxing space for drinking that morning coffee, reading a good book, or watching a favorite series with our living room furniture. Browse through the looks below to get inspired and shop your favorites!

California dreaming

A lifestyle image of a living room/lounge scene featuring Puffy Lounge Chair, Monster Rug, Stump Side Table, Stump Coffee Table Large, Boa Pouf, Monster Cushion Medium, and Velvet Cushion Medium.
Puffy Lounge Chair, Sand Leather / Traffic Red
  • +5
PuffyLounge Chair, Sand Leather / Traffic Red
Stump Coffee Table Large, Black
StumpCoffee Table Large, Black
Monster Rug Medium, Ultramarine Blue / Off-white
MonsterRug Medium, Ultramarine Blue / Off-white
Zig Zag Shelf High, Walnut
Zig ZagShelf High, Walnut
Stump Side Table, Black
StumpSide Table, Black
Coco Table Lamp, Matte Ivory
CocoTable Lamp, Matte Ivory
Velvet Cushion Medium, Light Blue
VelvetCushion Medium, Light Blue
Stripe Throw, Black / White
  • +1
StripeThrow, Black / White

Eclectic living

A lifestyle image of a living room scene featuring Palo Modular Sofa, Monster Rug, Crepe Cushion, Velvet Cushion, Boa Pouf, and Puffy Lounge Chair.
Palo 2-seater Sofa with Armrests, Brown-Black
  • +4
Palo2-seater Sofa with Armrests, Brown-Black
Boa Pouf, Oatmeal
  • +7
BoaPouf, Oatmeal
Puffy Lounge Chair, Dark Green Leather / Chocolate Brown
  • +5
PuffyLounge Chair, Dark Green Leather / Chocolate Brown
Zig Zag Shelf Media, Black
Zig ZagShelf Media, Black
Knuckle Table Lamp, Brushed Aluminum
KnuckleTable Lamp, Brushed Aluminum
Brute Vase, Clear
  • +1
BruteVase, Clear
Crepe Cushion Large, Pure Green
  • +4
CrepeCushion Large, Pure Green
Velvet Cushion Medium, Blue
VelvetCushion Medium, Blue

Add understated, elegant pieces

A lifestyle image of a living room / lounge scene featuring Palo Modular Sofa, Chop Dining Chair, Boa Pouf, Lolly Side Table, Arch Throw, Monster Rug, Neo Cushion Large, Stump Coffee Table Medium, Moln, Bronto Mug, Palo Side Table, and more.
Palo Corner Sofa Left, Beige
  • +3
PaloCorner Sofa Left, Beige
Stump Coffee Table Medium, Black
StumpCoffee Table Medium, Black
Monster Rug Extra Large, Dark Teal / Off-white
MonsterRug Extra Large, Dark Teal / Off-white
Boa Pouf, Pine Green
  • +7
BoaPouf, Pine Green
Coco Table Lamp, Matte Ivory
CocoTable Lamp, Matte Ivory
Lolly Side Table, Pure White
LollySide Table, Pure White
Neo Cushion Large, Peacock
  • +2
NeoCushion Large, Peacock
Monster Cushion Medium, Dark Teal / Off-white
MonsterCushion Medium, Dark Teal / Off-white

Destined for lounging greatness

A lifestyle image of a living room scene featuring Hunk Lounge Chair with Armrests, Glitch Throw, Monster Rug, Glyph Side Tables, Alphabeta Pendant Light, Koti 3-seater Sofa, and Boa Pouf.
Hunk Lounge Chair With Armrests, Swan
HunkLounge Chair With Armrests, Swan
Glyph Side Table Beta, Chocolate Brown
GlyphSide Table Beta, Chocolate Brown
Alphabeta Pendant Uno, Black Green / Soft Blue
  • +6
AlphabetaPendant Uno, Black Green / Soft Blue
Koti 3-seater Sofa, Pine
  • +2
Koti3-seater Sofa, Pine
Boa Pouf, Sulfur Yellow
  • +7
BoaPouf, Sulfur Yellow
Monster Rug Extra Large, Turquoise / Peach
MonsterRug Extra Large, Turquoise / Peach
Glyph Side Table Alpha, Grey White
GlyphSide Table Alpha, Grey White
Glitch Throw, Powder Blue / Olive Green
GlitchThrow, Powder Blue / Olive Green

Pops of trendy green

Hem - A living room scene featuring a Puffy Lounge Chair in Eggshell / Stainless Steel, Hide Side Table Pure Green, Koti 3-seater Sofa, Alle Coffee Tables Set of 2 Walnut, Bon Pouf Round Brown, and an Alphabeta Floor Lamp.
Koti 3-seater Sofa, Eggshell
  • +2
Koti3-seater Sofa, Eggshell
Hide Side Table, Pure Green
  • +4
HideSide Table, Pure Green
Puffy Lounge Chair, Eggshell / Stainless
  • +5
PuffyLounge Chair, Eggshell / Stainless
Alphabeta Floor Lamp, Luminous Green / White
  • +5
AlphabetaFloor Lamp, Luminous Green / White
Alle Coffee Coffee Table Small + Medium, Walnut
Alle CoffeeCoffee Table Small + Medium, Walnut
Bon Pouf Round, Brown
  • +14
Bon PoufRound, Brown
Neo Cushion Medium, Peacock
  • +2
NeoCushion Medium, Peacock
Stripe Throw, Pink / Green
  • +1
StripeThrow, Pink / Green

Hues of summer

Hem - A living room scene featuring Palo Modular Corner Soft Left Sunflower, Lolly Side Table Ochre Yellow, Monster Throw Ochre / Off-White Ring, Monster Rug Beige / Off-White, Bon Pouf Round Large Eggshell, Stump Side Table Natural, and a Puffy Lounge Chair.
Palo Corner Sofa Left, Sunflower
  • +3
PaloCorner Sofa Left, Sunflower
Puffy Lounge Chair, Sand Leather / Stainless
  • +5
PuffyLounge Chair, Sand Leather / Stainless
Monster Rug Extra Large, Beige / Off-white
MonsterRug Extra Large, Beige / Off-white
Lolly Side Table, Ochre Yellow
LollySide Table, Ochre Yellow
Bon Pouf Round Large, Eggshell
Bon PoufRound Large, Eggshell
Monster Throw, Ochre / Off-white Ring
MonsterThrow, Ochre / Off-white Ring
Bon Pouf Round, Ochre
  • +14
Bon PoufRound, Ochre
Monster Cushion Large, Beige / Off-white
MonsterCushion Large, Beige / Off-white

Bright & bold